Sunday, February 19, 2012

Is Vic Toews Blowing a Smoke Screen?

Vic Toews, apparently desperate to divert attention from his lurid past, is now saying that he's been the victim of "criminal acts and threats of future criminal acts" against him.  He subsequently expanded that to include his brand new wife and his new child too, the one he sowed while still with his old wife and his old family.   Toews assured his constituents that these threats would not dissuade him from carrying out his duties as Minister of Public Surveillance and Family Values.

Threats against Vic Toews and (new) family?  I suppose anything is possible and the sanctimonious little prick does get under a lot of peoples' skin but, then again, Toews and his parliamentary companions were awfully quick to falsely claim disclosure of information from court records was "criminal" when it was nothing of the sort.   And Toews is from the government that, rightly as it turned out, assessed the Canadian public stupid enough to believe that a Liberal-NDP coalition would be an unconstitutional coup d'etat.  In other words, the HarperCons have demonstrated a deep and abiding faith that one can never go wrong by underestimating the intelligence of their supporters.


RuralRoots said...

..he's blowing smoke

Anyong said...

Whom ever it was that posted the information regarding Vic does one make Tays out of Toews is beyong fathom...was very smart. It didn't take very long to find out the IP of the computer indicating the powers that be can work very fast to get the information without the passing of Bill C-30. As far as I am concerned that is what a lot of the exercise on twitter is all about. The release of personal information is a smoke screen. MOS ..your new word verification is awful.