Saturday, February 04, 2012

How to Put Planned Parenthood Out of the Abortion Business

The fundie Right doesn't hesitate to condemn Planned Parenthood for providing abortion services.  Slate's William Saletan offers a brilliant idea on how to put Planned Parenthood out of the abortion business -  send it as much money as you can.

Look at the latest annual report from Planned Parenthood Federation of America, issued two months ago. The table on page 5 shows that over the course of a year, PPFA provided 3,685,437 contraceptive services and 329,445 abortions. That’s a ratio of 11 to 1.

Internationally, the ratio is even higher. Look at the latest annual report from the International Planned Parenthood Federation. The table on page 13 shows that over the course of a year, IPPF provided 33,854,786 contraceptive services and 1,411,494 abortions. That’s a ratio of 24 to 1. Did I mention condoms? IPPF distributed 152,397,194 condoms. That’s 108 condoms per abortion.

What happens when you provide condoms and contraceptive services? Women who don’t want to get pregnant don’t get pregnant. Which means fewer women are in the market for abortions. The abortion business dries up.

...If you want to drive Planned Parenthood out of the abortion business, don’t send them less money. Send them more. Help Planned Parenthood become what it has wanted to be all along: The organization that helps women avoid unwanted pregnancies, so they don’t have to abort them.

Of course the fundie Right, yielding to their fundamentalist compulsions, refuses to accept the education-contraception-abortion link.   And that's just one reason why they're dangerous idiots.

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Beijing York said...

Planned Parenthood has earned a tremendous amount of $$$ after the stupid Komen Run for the Cure organization decided to withdraw their funding. In the process, their anti-choice, right wing views were not only exposed but their inefficacy in actually putting all those dollars collected to any practical use was exposed. They are a very top heavy, marketing oriented organization. And they also withdrew funding from university base embryonic stem cell research centers. But to complete the perfect trifecta of PR incompetency, it seems that they hired Arie Fleitcher (sp?), ex-GWB spokesperson, as their communications adviser.