Thursday, February 02, 2012

No Ho Like a Rich Ho

If you're going to struggle with a hooker so bad she winds up needing surgery, and if you're busted for forceable confinement of the woman, and if you're going to get caught by police with illicit drugs, and if the cops are going to find you holding an illegal handgun too - you had damned well better be rich if you don't want to get slammed up in prison.

Vancouver billionaire David Ho has just pleaded guilty to all three offenses.   This is the same dude who pleaded guilty to another weapons charge last year when a switchblade was found in his bag at Vancouver airport.

This time the prostitute was trying to leave after a four-hour gig with Ho.   He tried to keep her from leaving.  In the scuffle she fell, breaking her ankle.   As he grabbed at her she slipped out of her pants and top.   Before she got away she lost her bra too.   Finally, clad only in her underwear, she made it to a neighbours and safety.

Ho has pleaded guilty to the charges but, for this mega-affluent repeat offender, the Crown is asking only a year probation and drug rehab.

This is one time where it's money that walks.


sassy said...

Yes, a Robert Pickon with $$

Anyong said...

People with hords of money, can buy their way out of anything even in the oh so clean Canadian justice system. Like my lawyer and judge ex brother-in-law's mother once said, "any with any amount of intelligence one can clean up with money". That includes Angelina.