Saturday, February 04, 2012

Russia, China Veto SC Resolution on Syria

Steve Harper's latest moral mood swing is all about China.   He can't wait to get supertankers full of Athabasca bitumen sailing the vast Pacific to waiting refineries in the People's Republic.

Well, today Steve's new BFF joined with Russia to take Syria off the hook at the UN Security Council.   China and Russia vetoed a Security Council resolution aimed at ending the violence inflicted by the Assad government to suppress a Syrian people's revolt.

The Security Council voted 13 to 2 in favor of a resolution backing an Arab League peace plan for Syria, but the measure was blocked by Russia and China, who opposed what they saw as a violation of Syria’s sovereignty.

Pressure mounted on the Security Council to act as Syrian opposition leaders said more than 200 people were killed in the attack in Homs, and the White House accused Syria of having “murdered hundreds of Syrian citizens, including women and children.” 

Maybe Steve should let Beijing know it doesn't have everything its own way, not yet at least.  Scrapping the Northern Gateway would surely get that message across.


Anyong said...

Following is a letter a friend of mine has sent to Chinese Embassy in the US.

I am writing you to officially inform you that while I had previously planned on visiting China again next year, I am aborting my plans in protest of your veto against the UN Resolution regarding Syria. Fu...rther, I also plan on boycotting all Chinese-made products no matter how much more another product might cost me. While I know I am only one person among the billions who populate our planet, I remind you that it takes only one drop of rain to make a typhoon.

As a resident of the Middle East and the friend of many Syrians, most of whom have relatives who have been killed by the Assad regime, I am fully aware of the murder and suffering the Assad family has wreaked upon the Syrian people for far too long. For you to have rejected something so important and that could have prevented so many deaths and so much suffering speaks to your lack of compassion and, as well, to the understanding as to what true Communism stands for.

We have just entered the 21st Century and, with this important milestone, it is time that powerful countries like yours, Russia and those Western powers that subvert less overtly, understand that the vast majority of the people of the world will no longer stand by, as powers such as yours, walk upon the backs of the poor or kill the defenseless and the innocent, without raising our voices in protest and resistance.

In the name of the Syrian martyrs who at this very moment are dying in the name of freedom and justice,

Susan E. Fitch
Austin, Texas
The Canadian email address for the Chinese Embassy is as follows: ...

Anyong said...

I have sent your blog to my friend in Kuwait. Cheers

Beijing York said...

As if Libya if fairing better after NATO's assistance. I'm glad that China and Russia stopped another so-called humanitarian intervention (read regime change under a storm of bombs). Right now Libya is unraveling into another Somalia.