Friday, February 10, 2012

Okay, I Get It. Harper Needs China to Buy Bitumen So Canada Can Buy F-35s to Defend Canada Against China.

Okay, now it all makes sense.

According to PostMedia's howler, Matthew Fisher, Canada needs the F-35 to defend Canada against the creeping Red Menace, China:

Despite its staggering cost, the jets' capabilities have appealed to western governments deeply concerned with how quickly China is acquiring aircraft carriers and expanding its blue water and sub-surface navy to project military power far out into the Pacific Ocean. Beijing is also building a fleet of icebreakers to operate in the Arctic Ocean.

But when you're talking F-35, you're talking mega-bucks.   Canada as we know is running a structural deficit Harper created by shaving points off the GST so we're going to have to get bucks by the boatload from somewhere.   Now where would that be?  Oh, I know, China!   That's why Harpo has gone to China to ink all those deals, so the Chinese will give us the money we need to buy airplanes to defend ourselves against the Chinese.  And China gets the Canadian fuel it needs to run those aircraft carriers and ice breakers that we need the fighters to keep us safe from. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?  My brain hurts.


Anyong said...

Very humourous! Who gets the or Matthew Fisher?

Anonymous said...

heh...its almost as if you read my comment on the Globes China Trade story ;)