Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yeah, Right Mounty Monty

RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson, of Robert Dziekanski killing fame, says he wasn't trying to obstruct justice when, after striking and killing a motorcyclist, he drove home and got into the vodka.

Mounty Monty was driving his kids home from a Halloween party at which he'd quaffed five beers.  He's testified he can't remember the events just before and following the moment his Jeep struck the motorcycle being ridden by 21-year old Orion Hutchinson.

Robinson's evidence is that he got out of his Jeep, walked over close enough to see bystanders apparently tending to Hutchinson, handed his driver's licence to an onlooker, gathered up his kids and simply walked them the two-blocks distance to their home.   Then he hit the vodka.

He said it never crossed his mind to guzzle hard liquor to screw up any chance of investigating whether he was drunk when he hit the motorcycle.   He did admit that he'd taken a course three years earlier where that very tactic had been taught.  It just never crossed his mind.  Yeah, right.

Robinson has said that his participation in the killing of Robert Dziekanski drove him to drink more frequently.  Yeah, right.


Gloria said...

We have seen far too many crimes committed by the RCMP, swept under the carpet by our corrupt judicial system. The image of the RCMP is in tatters. Their lying and covering up for each other, has turned the BC citizens against them. Many Canadians, don't even want the RCMP as an icon for Canada.

Then we hear of Vancouver police, caught watching porn, on the computers in the detachment. They are supposed to be disciplined, but I doubt that very much. Toews wants to give police, even more excuses to watch porn, and calling us, the citizens pedophiles.

Canada has become a cesspool of corruption, because of Harper. He is nothing other than, a fascist dictator.

thwap said...

Stop him, before he kills again!

The Mound of Sound said...

Gloria, I have seen no indication that the judicial system is corrupt. The problems seem centred in law enforcement, not the judiciary.

@Thwap. The sad thing is that, by getting home and quaffing vodka, this guy escaped prosecution for drunk driving and motor manslaughter, crimes that could have carried serious jail time. We need this guy off the streets and behind bars.