Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Timeless - Sarah Palin's Stupidity

When it comes to rank stupidity, Sarah Palin takes even Dan Quayle off the hook.  In the runup to the release of the HBO docudrama "Game Change" based on John McCain's decision to revitalize his flagging presidential campaign by naming Palin as his running mate, new morsels of Palin ignorance are floating to the surface.

Palin, for example, believed Queen Elizabeth, not prime minister Gordon Brown called the shots on Britain's military force in Iraq.

 Mrs Palin's confusion emerged during a coaching session with Steve Schmidt, a McCain adviser who asked her what she would do if Britain began to waver in its commitment to the Iraq war.
In one of the many rambling responses that eroded her credibility, Mrs Palin reportedly replied she would ''continue to have an open dialogue'' with the Queen. A horrified Mr Schmidt informed her the prime minister, then Gordon Brown, would be responsible for the decision. She also mistakenly believed Saddam Hussein ordered the September 11 attacks.

[The book] describes panicked cramming sessions during the campaign, with aides beginning history lessons with the Spanish Civil War and carrying through to post-September 11. Mrs Palin was initially enthusiastic, making notes on hundreds of coloured flash cards, but became increasingly sullen and was described by tutors as going into a ''catatonic stupor''.
Now, can somebody explain to me again why this Sarah Palin isn't contesting the Republican presidential nomination?


LeDaro said...

Rick Santorum and Sarah Palin will make a great team to run for the Whitehouse.

The Mound of Sound said...

Isn't that an idea to send the mind reeling?

LeDaro said...

I should add that both Santorum and Palin know that a certain Satan wants to harm America and only they know how to deal with that Satan.

Anonymous said...

And the beat goes on and the beat goes on....lah dee dah dee dah.