Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bankrolling Islamic Extremism

The House of Saud has plenty of money to splash around whether it's billions of dollars to buy Canadian built death wagons or to fund radical, often violent, Islamic fundamentalism around the world. A New York Times report shows that our esteemed customer and supposed ally in the war on terror is also the state that primarily sponsors Islamist theocracy and its often violent movements.

Don't like barbaric practices? Can't stand state sponsored Islamist terrorism? Well, I guess you could always start by selling the culprit billions of dollars of armoured fighting vehicles.

Follow the link, read the report, ask yourself how hard does Justin Trudeau have to look the other way to support Saudi Arabia.


Anonymous said...

The Saudis have bribed the Clintons with tens of millions of dollars to get arms from America. Who are they bribing in Canada?

If Junior is corrupt (i.e., not just an airhead too dumb to understand issues like economics himself,) he's perfectly positioned (as a motivational speaker) to start collecting promissory bribes in speaking fees, paid post public service. A model of corruption the Clintons invented and are trying to double down on by reclaiming the White House. (And people think Trump is bad.)

Anonymous said...

Trump would like to be able to do the same darn thing.

Troy said...

Giving weapons to the Saudi's is wasteful. Anyone with any competence in their government and armed forces has been sidelined or marginalized, and the incompetent oafs are in charge. Really, how are they losing in Yemen?

We're really at a point where we should be stepping back from this mess, altogether, and just wait on them to get their act together.

"We'd like to help you out, Saudi Arabia, but we're heading into an important stretch here in Canada, and we have to pour all our energy and resources into domestic affairs. We'll call you once we've got a handle on it."

The Mound of Sound said...

I agree with your approach, Troy. As the Times' article makes clear, the Saudis, through the extremist form of Sunni Islam they have adopted and their efforts to spread it around the Muslim world and elsewhere, are nurturing the violence that has had the West tied down in the ME since the Bush Sr. era. It's a self-perpetuating quagmire anchored in Riyadh and we prefer to denounce Shiite Iran as "state sponsor of terrorism."

Look at the history. The embassy bombings, the first World Trade Center bombing, the attack on USS Cole, 9/11, the attacks on Madrid, London and Paris - it's all been the handiwork of Sunni Islamist fanatics. Not one can be traced to Iran. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya - all beset by the plague of radical Sunni Islamists. al Qaeda, ISIS, al Nusra - all rooted in the madrassas funded by the House of Saud. And yet we think to sell these murderous swine $15-billion worth of advanced, armoured fighting vehicles?

Trudeau knows all this. He knew all this when he could have and ought to have cancelled the arms deal. He didn't care. So much for Liberal integrity.

Anonymous said...

Canada has a long history of supplying arms to Saudi Arabia.
Back in the 1970's Canada really did roll out the carpet for the visit of Adnan Khashoggi in a visit that Royalty would envy.
That was in Pierre E Trudeau's reign; nothings changed.

At the end of the day( in the West) money rules regardless of politics.
Check out Wikipedias entry on Khashoggi , an interesting read.


Anonymous said...

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