Monday, August 22, 2016

Was It Something I Said?

This whole Ryan Lochte business really got under my skin. I haven't paid much attention to the aquatic buffoon until he got into a mess of his own making in Rio. Even as video emerged proving he'd lied, he refused to admit he'd lied - passing it off as a mere excess of exaggeration by another privileged Yank. Even Americans were infuriated with this bozo.

And so I read about Lochte's sponsorship deals. Apparently there was a valuable endorsement deal with Speedo - makes sense. That led me to fire off an indignant email to Speedo warning that if they didn't drop Lochte, his scandal would be their scandal.

Seems that email worked. Speedo has dumped Lochte.


John B. said...

A very expensive stopover to engage in some good old disrespect toward the natives. Looks good on him.

I wonder if the hapless tag-alongs in his entourage will also take a hit where it hurts most.

Toby said...

I haven't watched the Olympics for many years. It is all about making a very few rich guys much richer by sucking at the tax trough of as many countries as possible. It is obvious that the reason the Olympics is moved every time is to hit big on the public money and construction graft. The Mafia couldn't design a better scam.

As to the athletes, bozos abound. I have no interest in watching or listening to such egos.

As chance would have it, there is a ball field behind my house. The local amateurs provide much better entertainment at no cost.

the salamander said...

.. believe I saw a mention he had lost 4 of his 5 largest sponsors - within 4 days

The Mound of Sound said...

I'm with you, Toby. I've lost interest in the Olympics. I can't really articulate why but that's the way I feel. It's getting harder to think of it as honest, amateur competition although I know most of the competitors do struggle including a good many from developed nations. From crooked officiating to widespread doping to jackasses like Lochte and his ilk,the games have been tainted.

Anonymous said...

My my; you will be quoting the National Enquirer next!
Thankfully, once again, I was able to avoid the OWE lympic fiasco ..

OK I know you will blast me with heartwarming moments of patriotism and flag waving but it won't change the facts that the Olympics is morally and ethically bankrupt.
May as well watch wrestling or MMA..