Saturday, August 13, 2016

Justice Minister Jody - a Two-Faced Hack

I was delighted when Trudeau selected Jody Wilson-Raybould to become Canada's justice minister. Like her grandmother and father before her, Wilson-Raybould was a prominent First Nations leader and advocate, a campaigner for the environment and social justice. She seemed an ideal pick for Canada's first First Nations justice minister.

Less than a year later that's changed. A lot.

When it came to Canada's assisted dying law, Wilson-Raybould has done everything in her power to subvert the clear decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in the Carter case. Along the way she revealed a dark and thuggish side when she denigrated a woman with an irremediable psychological condition that caused excruciating physical pain and suffering. Jody depicted the woman as having nothing more than a case of the downers. That's when I discovered her inner creep.

Now it's the Site C dam. This time it's Jody pushing through federal approval of the project despite the lack of consultation and opposition of our First Nations. This time Jody is revealing herself to be an utter, two-faced hack. Let's go back just a few years to 2012. Here's 'First Nations Jody' waxing eloquently on First Nations rights and the Site C project:

It's plain that Jody has done nothing to improve her own reputation. It's in the toilet.

h/t Alison at Creekside.


Hugh said...

83 km of potential agricultural land along the Peace River to be flooded while power demand droops, partly due to rising hydro rates.
First nations uses ignored.

$9+ billion cost for the dam, while BC Hydro's debt has already grown massively.


Toby said...

There's four, Justin, St├ęphane, Jody and Catherine, all massive disappointments. Who is running the country? Who is giving the orders?

Unknown said...

What Toby asked. Who is running the country? Who is giving the orders? That's what I want to know! What do people like Jody tell themselves when they go along with the party on a policy or idea that their own history, intelligence and moral code tells them is wrong on all fronts?

The Mound of Sound said...

Toby, I have wondered that same thing myself. Trudeau has proven himself something of a political gadfly. Very long on promises but even shorter on results. He plainly lacks the intellectual powers for which is father was respected by friend and foe alike. I assume there is some small group behind the emerald curtain calling the shots, perhaps backroom leftovers from the Ignatieff era.

Trudeau likes to dress himself up in his father's mantle yet he's a technocrat and not much more. He got off to a great start but it quickly became apparent it was all window dressing, the easy stuff, the low hanging fruit. When it came to the hard calls, the stuff that demanded principle and vision, he was always a no show.

"Who is giving the orders?" As far as I can tell I suppose it could be Stephen Harper.

The Mound of Sound said...

Pamela, there are people who are not troubled with ethics or morality when it comes to personal advancement. It makes you wonder if, during that 2012 interview, Jody was saying whatever she thought necessary at the time. Now this is a new time, a different boss, and so she'll say or do whatever the current situation demands if that's necessary for her career. I don't know but it's sad to see someone stoop this low.

Toby said...

Mound, I often wonder about orders coming from outside of Canada. Back in the Dominion days it was obvious that England had ultimate control. These days it often looks like control comes from Washington. Obama comes to Ottawa and suddenly we are sending troops to Eastern Europe. Is it that straight forward?

There was (is ?) a plan to shunt BC water south to satisfy American needs in places like California. Is Site C part of that? It doesn't look like it to me but looks can be deceiving. The determination by all in control that the dam be built regardless of science, economics, the will of the people or even common sense makes me wonder about ulterior motives.

I don't want to believe in conspiracy theories but . . .

The Mound of Sound said...

Your guess is as good as any, Toby. I can't begin to explain it.

Lorne said...

Prostitution is known as the world's oldest profession, Mound. With behaviour like this, it's not hard to figure out why.

The Mound of Sound said...

Groucho Marx had someone like Wilson-Raybould in mind when he quipped, "Those are my principles and, if you don't like them, well ...I have others."

It strikes me that anyone who can do such a complete reversal on something like this is someone pursuing nothing save raw political ambition. This is a woman who will walk over anything or anyone to advance her personal interests.

Perhaps she's trying to fulfil her father's remark to Trudeau when he said he had two daughters, both of whom would become lawyers, and one of whom would some day be prime minister.