Monday, June 19, 2017

Bye, Bye, See Ya.

When is a daily newspaper not a daily? When it chooses to become something else, I suppose. Paul Godfrey's National Post is giving up on Mondays. There'll be no print edition on Monday - now and forever.

"The company says the decisions will put its National Post brands on a stronger financial footing." 

Sounds like a nice way of saying that NatPo is still bleeding out PostMedia revenues.


Toby said...

Is Trudeau going to subsidize the NP with tax dollars?

Anonymous said...

No great loss. I cancelled my print subscription long ago, and haven't been on their website in at least a year.

The NP's a dead man walking. At some point, their NY investors are going to pull the plug to the surprise of no one.


The Mound of Sound said...

Perhaps print journalism is doomed to go the way of Sears. A principled government might come up with ways to support the print sector but we haven't had that sort of government for a good many years. With vulture capitalists sucking the lifeblood out of NP, what government would risk throwing tax dollars into New York coffers?

Dana said...

Anonymous said...

The NP is becoming unreadable.
Conrad Black, Rex Murphy!
Who the heck else would employ them.
The NP exists to bear bait progressives and to destroy their message.