Thursday, June 29, 2017

Our Fateful Final Hour

It's expected that within the hour the British Columbia government of Christy Clark will lose a confidence vote. Clark has shown, as if anyone needs more proof, that she has zero integrity with her throne speech lifted largely from the platforms of the opposition New Democrats and Green party. She promised to do everything that her own party has steadfastly ridiculed right up until the last votes were counted.

Now she's vowing to take her churlishness to another level. Maybe another election is what we need to toss out these swine for good.


Well it's over. Clark's government went down on a 44-42 vote. Now let's see what chicanery she has in store for the people of British Columbia.


Anonymous said...

At 7.30 pm, still waiting for the LG to announce the outcome.
Can we expect new shenanigans at this point?
As the LG is a contributor to the Liberals coffers should we expect a silent coup?
How come I still smell a rat?

bcwaterboy said...

She's done. next up by-election in West Kelowna.

The Mound of Sound said...

No, BCW. Next up, Day One, is Ottawa and every freely broken promise Justin used to win the coast in 2015. That prince has some accounting to do. Christy? Not sure we would win her riding if she resigned. I wouldn't bet the grocery money on it.

Dana said...

Okanagan ridings would elect a discarded peach pit if it ran as a Socred/Liberal and repeatedly they have done.