Monday, June 26, 2017

Python Politics

Theresa May, Brexit, Python - Perfect.


Lorne said...

That is priceless, Mound. Thanks for posting it.

the salamander said...

.. far far n far away n aways beyond apropos .. !

Anonymous said...

Very good satire.

And today May signed the deal with the bigots of the DUP, whose warped minds are still wrapped up in warm remembrances of having Orange Day Parade marches past long suffering Catholics who were made to gently tug their forelocks in submission if they wanted a job at Short Bros or Harland and Wolff cleaning the toilets.

In other words, May is so blindly ambitious she signed a deal with the Devil and committed the rest of the UK to pay the economic and other consequences. This is what happens when the ego is a hundred times bigger than the brain and self-adulation is all that matters. After she goes down in flames from being on the receiving end of jibes and taunts from mere EU bureaucrats, the Brit Tories will no doubt elevate the yapping buffoon Boris to the PM post, a man much in need of an earnest haircut and a greyhound muzzle when he ventures out in public.

The Brit establishment simply doesn't understand that past Empah glories mean diddly-squat to the Continentals and that they're only special in their own eyes. Eton and Harrow "public" schools, then the Oxford and Cambridge University Debating clubs produce this sort of entitled human dross to whom the assumption of privilege is normal. If they meet decisive objections from the EU for a special relationship, expect them to try to boss us around here in Canada and the rest of the Commonwealth as a way to re-assume past glory.