Thursday, June 29, 2017

It Is Finished

After 16-uninterrupted years of rule by possibly the most corrupt provincial government since Grant Devine's, British Columbians are rid of the BC Liberal government.

The Lt. Gov., perhaps fearful of angry mobs taking to the streets with pitchforks and torches, has taken the safe route and invited NDP leader, John Horgan, to form the province's next government. Many feared she might instead call another election, giving Christy Clark one last desperate chance to claw her way back to power.

One bunch of Liberals has been sent packing. Next up is the Liberal gang in Ottawa.  With his numbers ebbing in the latest polls, the Dauphin is going to have to do some tough calculations. Are there more Liberal seats to be lost in British Columbia than his party can ever dream of capturing in Alberta? Well, duh.

This is not a great situation for two-faced prime minister who pocketed a handy number of seats on the Left Coast on the strength of promises he tossed aside like so much garbage once he gained power. Out here we've got scores to settle with Trudeau the Lesser and many of us would see him pay dearly for his perfidy.

But enough of Christy Clark and Justin Trudeau and their ilk. This is a great day to be a Green or First Nations or even a New Dem.


It turns out Christy did try to get the Lt. Gov. to call another election. Her argument was, in essence, the veiled threat that a Horgan government would be unstable, too weak to govern, and her Liberals would see to just that. In other words, right from the get go these despicable Liberals intend to do everything they can to subvert government in British Columbia. What a pack of utter reprobates.


the salamander said...

.. a brand new day in beaufiful British Columbia.. enjoy ! !

Hugh said...

After 16 years of BC Liberals, BC's Provincial Debt and Contractual Obligations now total over $170 billion.

Anonymous said...

I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall at Government House.
I fully expected another election or some devious undemocratic move from Clark.
Now she's gone; time for an audit.
Time to rid politics of big money.


Bill said...

Thanks for all your post Mound.

Finally the corrupt BC Liberal malignancy has been eviserated. The reign of the 'say anything' Clark is toast. Her pirate party finally scuttled by its own corruption and hubris. At least sixteen years too late!

If some how The Dunbar Duchess is appointed to the Senate by the vaciillating JT well.... my vow to never vote federal Liberal after his flip flopping on key promises would be redoubled - for as long as she darkened the Senate chambers with her smug smile.

(In your speedy posting the good news you typed 'Jim' = John. l would have been happy if even a 'Jim' Horgan was asked to form a new government).

Just so relieved to see Clark out.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes it's a great day and now comes the aftermath, the heavy slogging. I've never trusted the NDP on environmental issues. It was Glenn Clark, after all, who denounced environmentalists as "enemies." They also opposed the Liberals' one good initiative, carbon taxes. Had they supported the tax Christy Clark might not have managed to slip that hook. And now we get to test Horgan's sincerity over electoral reform. The Greens' requirements are limited, straightforward and achievable - if Horgan keeps his promises but our beaches are littered with broken promises. We'll see.

Toby said...

My heart is with the coalition. My head warns that the Liberals will not take defeat lightly, will do whatever possible to hinder the coalition and ultimately regain power.

I think the first thing the coalition must do is an honest and open appraisal of the finances. The public needs to know what the debt load really is, how BC Hydro,BC Ferries and ICBC have been hobbled, how financially stupid Site C is, etc.

Personally, I want Gordon Campbell to go to jail for selling off BC Rail but that's too much to hope for.

Anonymous said...

Horgan should send a bomb disposal team to his office before taking residence,


the salamander said...

.. I see less and less point to ever allowing a Majority Government in Canada again
We keep getting OD'D, screwed over, ignored or lied to
by such captured sellout entities.. oh sorry 'political parties'

Gordon Campbell's majority a neat example.. transferred 'Environmental Oversight'
over to the reigning Harper majority regarding Pipelines & Supertankers to Asia
providing oddly enough in their wondrous unicorn view, scads o cash
and Energy Security for ALL Canadians.. What ! ?
But ol Gordo was appointed High Priestess to Great Britain
as long as he got his ass out of BC & Canada lickedy split

And then Canada got blindsided by Christie Clark ..
AKA - BC gets hosed .. and Harper lends Christy
an neverending parade of flawed or suspected (alleged) perps
You know - to help with robo and live calls, vote suppression experts
data miners,& data erasure experts & suppliers of post it notes

BC should award free rent to any 'Liberal' MPL
who crosses the floor to join the current coalition ..
and ensure stability.. instead of the insanity ..

Anonymous said...

I think we forget that like the new BC government the Liberals are a coalition.
The Liberal coalition was successful as it was united by greed.
The new Government has, as yet, nothing to counter that strength.
Greed is a tough one to beat.


The Mound of Sound said...

We may be in for a wild ride if Christy's WerWolf ("werewolf" in German) launch a campaign to subvert the government. I know she wouldn't hesitate but that's in her vile nature. The whole thing could blow up in her face and cripple the Liberal brand. All we can do now is to support the coalition and push back against Clark and her henchmen. Was a time I was indignant that they called themselves "Liberal." Given how readily Justin aligned himself with these vultures I now consider it fitting.