Monday, June 05, 2017

Says Canada's Top Bitumen Booster

It's good to know that all the bullshit isn't coming from Donald Trump. Trudeau, Canada's prime bitumen booster, knows how to lay it on pretty thick - and with a straight face.


Hugh said... an economy that is clean, that is Growing!!...

Hugh said...

Their obsession with economic growth will hinder plans to reduce GHGs.
Then we need to ask, why the obsession with growing the economy?

The Mound of Sound said...

Sure, Hugh, you can ask. Get back to me when you receive your answer.

the salamander said...

.. 'growing the economy' .. forever n ever Amen..
Not sure if its like the beanstalk Jack was climbing
or for that matter, if its an economy in a far away land..
But it seems to our elected public serpents it has a nice ring
kinda like 'making America great again..'

Both are just talk talk slogans
kinda like 'the river is wide' .. or 'a steady hand on the tiller' ..
& and how about a slow one hand clap for 'here for you'
especially how that was applied to disabled military vets
with a sharp backhand slapdown via our vaunted federal lawyers ?

and the new one.. 'hard military power'
a euphamism for mebbe 48 ground attack F-35's
to defend our coastlines when they aint in Syria or Ukraine
If that's how you defend your domestic shorelines - ground attack
it sure sounds like you're expecting troops & tanks to arrive
kiss the cod, eat the last of our salmon or fill up on thawing seal meat

We have no navy.. oh sorry, those 3 decoy subs from Britain !
Can't refuel or supply a navy anyway, maybe in 10 or 20 years..
but then why build up support or supply.. if you won't have a navy?

Well here's my idea.. We issue an Order in Council
or order up a bullshit Prorogue (we're good at that)
and commandeer or hijack unwitting Asian supertankers !
Yes ! Dress em up with softwood or the last ancient spruce
to look like an armada of aircraft carriers or battleships !
and hire the last great whales to tow them around !
A Potemkin fleet, so to speak.. !

I'll get back to y'all as I develop the farce further
How it 'grows the economy' is a mystery to me.. like the GDP is
but we can revise & devise every four years.. Its the law..!

And .. with all the trickle down money we all rake from Dilbit and LNG
we'll have bueno surplus $ a chicken in every pot & sunny days !
Its our 'legacy' from Stephen Harper dontcha know ..
We a petroleum superpower now.. n don't you forget it !