Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Bernie Supporter, Michael Moore, Said it Best

Last night on CNN, Michael Moore seemed resigned to the idea that Joe Biden will be the Democratic choice for president. Moore has been an ardent supporter of Bernie Sanders but now accepts that Sanders' supporters can't have it both - ousting Trump and cleaning the stables of the Democratic Party.

When it comes down to it, sending Trump packing is the priority. Overhauling the Democratic Party apparatus can be left, for now, to working on reform from within.


Gyor said...

Straight up no. If the left puts off cleaning stable till later the establishment will continueing doing this because it knows the left has no guts.

If Bernie no longer has the stomach for the fight against Biden, then Bernie should resign and endorse Tulsi Gabbard who does. If Tulsi Gabbard gets on stage with Biden she will completely wreck him. Its the only way to stop Trump and Biden who is even worse then Trump.

Toby said...

Considering the age of the two probable candidates the big voter choice may be who's running for Vice President.

The Disaffected Lib said...

Sorry, Gyor, but none of that is going to happen. You had me when you claimed that Biden is even worse than Trump. Okay.

The Disaffected Lib said...

I expect you're right, Toby.

Troy said...

Biden's gotta earn his progressive reform support. It's mainly a youth vote. It's mainly a youth revolt.

What's worse is, despite many narratives going around, the youth vote increased in total numbers. But because the percentage of youth voters shrank, it's a narrative that youth voters didn't turn out. The over-60 moderate middle class vote swung the Democratic Primary for Biden.

This is probably the last hurrah of the Reagonists though. Looking at the numbers, the youth vote overwhelming voted in favour of Sanders. It's a reverse mirror image of how over-60 voters voted.

So, as stated, Biden's gotta earn those votes. Clinton's run ostracized Bernie supporters, and promised them the bottom of a boot to the face. Biden's campaign is doing much the same. It's the opposite of what he should be doing.

If all Biden is promising is a return to the days under Obama, that probably won't get the youth vote out. Obama's well thought of as being competant, but most people 40 and younger really don't think his policies actually did them very much good.

I think most importantly is that Reagonists such as Obama, Biden, Clinton, and so on tied their campaign promises to the growth of oil prices. However, if oil continues its downward trend, what exactly are Reagonist Democrats actually promising anymore? They state they wish to return to the gool ol' days that were seen under Clinton and Obama, but... those fortunes were tied to oil growth.

Unless Biden and his team realize they can't tie their campaign to the return of a prosperity that won't return, they stand a decent chance of losing to Trump. The youth vote has to be earned.

Biden's gotta promise universal healthcare. Otherwise, he won't gain the youth vote.

The Disaffected Lib said...

I have to disagree, Troy. America is at a moment where the youth vote must be pragmatic. They have known for some time what's facing them on a number of existential threats. Were I in their shoes I wouldn't dwell on fine sensibilities but on something more visceral, survival. For now they need to focus on arresting the disastrous slide they've already witnessed from Trump. You first stabilize the patient. Only then do you have the luxury of shifting focus to healing.