Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Today in the Land of Crazy

I heard something curious on NPR radio this morning. It was Donald Trump announcing that America would be sending no longer needed medical equipment and supplies to Italy and Spain and France to help them fight the coronavirus.

He was talking about equipment that doesn't exist and an urgent domestic need that's a long way from being met.

Trump was, as Barack Obama said when he sized him up, just bullshitting.

Yesterday or the day before I heard Trump boast that, if America could keep its pandemic deaths to one or two hundred thousand, that would be a great victory for his administration. Hey, if you're facing an outright colossal failure, move the bar and call it a "victory." Then say you're doing so well, so perfectly well, that you're already preparing to box up all that non-existent equipment to ship it to Europe for those second-rate countries.

Trump doesn't care that it's bullshit. He's got the Gullibillies and, if he can hold out long enough and do everything in his power to skew the next election, and those Gullibillies are stupid enough to return him to office, he's home free - he won't even need the dumbass class.


Anonymous said...

There won't be an election if Trump can figure out how to pull an Orban. Would the Senate use the Covid-19 crisis to allow Trump to rule by decree? I wouldn't bet against it.


the salamander said...

.. will seek a credible source of a crisp synopsis & fact check and ideally a verbatim transcript thanks.. glad to link, once found.

On the 'Crazy' aspect, I hear Alberta dropped 1.1 Billion into TC Energy for Keystone XL, the mired pipeline to the Gulf Coast.. More Pension Fund $$ via AIMCo ? How many billion was 65% of Coastal GasLink purchase ? Kenney and Trans Canada betting large humongous Albertan Pension Fund dollars.. all since Christmas.. MainMedia silent on the splurge.. the Kenney Government, inc Ms Sonya Savage pimping out the threat from unkown assailents who want to close down the entire Canadian Oil & Gas sector.. this is echo chamber stuff pretending anyone at all is attacking conventional oil such as offshore Newfoundland & Labrador oil etc.. which via divine intervention is actually Ethical Alberta Bitumen.. It must be some sort of transmogrification fruit of the womb immaculate conception miracle.. dunno.. a virgin birth via Jason Kenney in the burning bullrush bush.. hark the incel angel sings.. hallelujah eh

Owen Gray said...

Ignorance is one of the most powerful forces on the planet.

Trailblazer said...

On a lighter note.
Some European countries are sending medical supplies to Iran, a country in dire need of help.
Fuck those fundamentalist Muricans who would see and perhaps hope many would die.

@ Sal.
Under the cover of Covid; many leaders are pursuing their private dreams.
Sadly many of their followers are in love with their ideas.
The bitumen armies of Albert are still believers in that doubling Alberta oil production and more importantly shovelling bitumen to 'tidewater'
will be their salvation. ( sorry for the Sal in salvation.

Tidewater, the onomatopoeia of the darkside!


The Disaffected Lib said...

Sal, TB, I think it speaks volumes that first Ottawa and then Alberta must jump in to prop up failing pipelines that the private sector won't touch. Drop your pants boys and lean over this barrel. The rationale is perverse but it speaks to a political desperation that should give us all pause.

That is the state of leadership today.

Danneau said...

This article from a generally reputable source outlines the way a US agency bought up a shipment of masks from China that were apparently already loaded on the aircraft, which proceeded then to the US, rather than France, from which the original order had originated. How the economy works...

The Disaffected Lib said...

Danneau, have you got a link for that? Here's one I found. Thai police intercepted a shipment of nearly 6 million masks destined for the US in contravention of a Thai prohibition on export. The police found that an even larger shipment had already been smuggled out to America.


Trailblazer said...

O dear , the state is failing.