Friday, March 13, 2020

"The Joke is Over"

It's almost too much to hope for but The Guardian's Richard Wolffe sees a silver-lining in the Covid-19 pandemic.

For three long years the world has been treated to the sick joke of Donald Trump’s presidency. Some days were more sick than others. But now the joke is over. 
So is the entire facade of the Trump White House: the gold-plated veneer of power and grift will be stripped bare by a global pandemic and recession. 
Of all the obituaries we’ll read in the next several weeks, every one will be more meaningful than the political end of a former reality-TV star. 
But make no mistake. The humanitarian crisis about to unfold will consume what’s left of this president and the Republican party that surrendered its self-respect and sense of duty to flatter his ego and avoid his angry tweets. 
Trump was right about one thing, and only one thing, as the coronavirus started to spread across the world. The sight of thousands of dead Americans will hurt him politically. It will also hurt many thousands of Americans in reality.
Multiple reports have detailed how Trump did not just ignore the growing pandemic; he actively sought to block his own officials’ attempts to track and stop it. Why has there been such a disastrous lack of testing? Because the president didn’t want to know the answer, and because his staff were too busy fighting each other to do the right thing. 
“The boss has made it clear he likes to see his people fight, and he wants the news to be good,” Politico reported one Trump health adviser saying. “This is the world he’s made.”
Never mind a world turned upside down by fear and death. Trump’s world is upended by his gobsmackingly childish comments about how the whole thing will blow over. “It’s going to disappear,” he told one reception inside the White House just two weeks ago. “One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” 
The only miracle of this presidency is that it’s taken so long for this country to wake up to the catastrophe.


rumleyfips said...

The joke goes on. Jack Ma is sending a care package from China to the US. Testing kits and masks.

The Disaffected Lib said...

perfect. Trump may want those for his paying guests at Mar-a-Lardo.

John B. said...

"We'll see what happens."

The Disaffected Lib said...

We shall indeed see, John. It's eight months to the next election and should Trump drag down the fortunes of Congressional Republicans they could easily turn on him. This virus could be a real shit show for Senators and representatives in their home ridings as the 'uninsured' factor kicks in and the lack of hospital beds, equipment and personnel exposes the weakness of the US healthcare system.