Thursday, March 26, 2020

Brace Yourself. Trump's Approval Ratings Hit All-Time High

The coronavirus has been great for the Mango Mussolini, America's Bungler in Chief.

It is unclear how long Trump's polling bump will last. Polls tend to be lagging indicators, meaning they reflect events from the recent past rather than the present. 
Many of the polls were conducted last week, when Trump adopted a noticeably more serious tone when discussing the pandemic. This week he has again reverted to minimising the virus and has flagged a return to normal life by Easter, an idea vigorously opposed by public health experts
Rather than being surprised by Trump's popularity boost, some long-time poll watchers say it should be even bigger. In times of national emergency, citizens tend to support their leaders - a phenomenon known as the "rally around the flag" effect.


Anonymous said...

Approval higher than disapproval for the first time in Trump's presidency! Are all the people at home hitting the bottle or bong?!


The Disaffected Lib said...

I recall reading about bizarre behaviours in other dominant societies in the runup to their decline, Cap. I'll try to locate that book. This is strange especially given that his base is inordinately old white people, the sort in the virus crosshairs.

the salamander said...

.. 'Polls' to me are just 'vote suppression' .. Basic remote partisan 'missionary signalling' pimped out to the fluff the faithful, already converted.. They remind me of the old blue salt licks we used for cattle & horses to move the cattle around the pasture. We already had the right stuff in their feed.. but getting the cattke to congregate under a tree, near a certain gate, away from wet ground was useful.

To me, any poll accompanied by zero useful information .. who paid, who done it, what questions, who were the polled, what context.. and perhaps the most important.. why was the poll about that that particular topic or concern ? Said better, what did they steer opinion or belief away from ?? Hell, what Main Media outlet published the 'news' about the poll ? What page ? Did they make it a headline ?

I already shredded one recent poll. That was the one about 'the majority of Canadians have laid blame for the Economic Disaster of recent Mohawk and Wet'suwet'en protests 'squarely' on Ottawa. Oddly the options on who to blame failed to include who was paying for the pipeline the protests were all about, or who was building it or who owned the damn thing. Did I ever find that strange.. that not a single soul blamed the Pipeline People.

So the poll was like a big blue salt lick block dropped just outside the barn doorn, right beside the water troughs plus some nice fresh straw to lie on and a bale or two of red clover and alfalfa. When you're finishing beef you don't want them spooked silly by warble fly.. much less bit by them and eggs laid.. and certainly you didn't want the beeves burning weight off everytime they got up.. much less running around.. tails in the air. That's letting them burn off the weight you put on them that day !

Some of us became aware that under the direction of Jason Kenney, Alberta was the new 65% majority owner and it was Albertans Pension Funds that paid for the purchase.. and prior to that 'poll' who knew Alberta bought a BC gas pipeline ? How did that work out Jason ? Care to see what a majority of the Albertan pension holders who elected your UCP think right now..?

Is the lunatic from Mar a Lago a posturing lunatic ? Is he self destructing & A-ok to take America down with him ? Will many die or be critically ill because of him ? Is 1200 $ sometime in the next three months gonna cut it with the base ? Hell, is a poll going to accomplish a damn thing ? Can you eat it or buy gasoline with it ? Will Trump calling it The Chinese Virus help ? Who might it help ? Ivanka and Jared ? Why ? Haha.. Why not ?