Saturday, March 21, 2020

Joe Biden's Shoestring Budget Victory

It wasn't money that fueled Joe Biden's come-from-behind victory in the Democratic primaries. Of the final seven candidates, Biden's spending was dead last.
Outgunned on the airwaves and out-organized on the ground, Mr. Biden’s campaign succeeded in large part because of the overwhelming focus of Democratic voters on beating President Trump and the firm belief among many that Mr. Biden would be the party’s strongest challenger.

For months, Biden advisers had said they just needed enough cash to compete, and all the way through the end of February, Mr. Biden was racing to conserve that cash. 
He spent only $13.1 million last month — less than the billionaire Michael R. Bloomberg was spending on average per day. During the same period, Mr. Sanders spent more than twice as much on digital and television ads alone as Mr. Biden spent on his entire campaign operation — his payroll, his ads, his consultants, his events.
In the Democratic race, Mr. Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor, had spent the most, a record-setting $907 million, including accrued bills. Mr. Bloomberg’s sum — in only 100 days — is more than what President Barack Obama spent on his entire 2012 re-election campaign. 
Mr. Bloomberg spent more than double the billionaire Tom Steyer ($338 million), who spent more than double Mr. Sanders ($163 million), who spent more than double Mr. Biden ($76 million).

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts ($111 million) and former Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind. ($91 million), also both had spent more than Mr. Biden by the end of February, records show.


Trailblazer said...

Too true.
It also shows how voters cast votes to elect a winner and not one that best provides for the future.

In modern politics we have been brainwashed to believe that winning is paramount with little thought to consequence.
Or perhaps it is human reaction?

It's somewhat like someone in Vancouver BC supporting a Chicago sport team!


The Disaffected Lib said...

You could be right, TB. With the ground now moving so strangely beneath our feet I'm unsure of many things.

Gyor said...

Biden didn't spend the most money or close, he didn't have the best or even good ideas, he didn't have the backing of a movement, he wasn't holding massive campaign rallies.

In fact compared to every single oppenant he offered basically nothing and put no effort into his campaign.

And yet he coasted onto victory on little more then the fumes from Barrack Obama's coat tales. And some heavy cheating as far as I can tell.

But its over.

And Bernie betrayed Tulsi so screw him anyways.

Progressives made a mistake backing Bernie instead of Tulsi, Bernie had the movement, but Tulsi had the talent and cunning, which is why the DNC cheated to keep her out of the debates.

One huge thing Biden did have in his favour, the DNC, CNN, and MSNCB, which is why progressives need to clean how at the DNC and destroy CNN and MSNBC and their vile lies.

The Disaffected Lib said...

Gyor, I know you're inconsolable. How many of us, across the political spectrum, haven't been gutted by this American travesty?