Thursday, March 19, 2020

We've Gotta Do Better than This

It's bad enough that grocery store shelves are empty of paper towels, toilet paper, flour, sugar and other essentials. Blame that on hoarders.

However, why has the news media stopped covering the news as though anything that doesn't involve the coronavirus doesn't matter. When I glanced at CBC's web site this morning, it was all Covid-19 except for one non-pandemic story about the "Wonderchicken" fossil, the oldest known ancestor of modern birds that got whacked in the asteroid strike. That's it, Wonderchicken.

So, while you're busy trying to dodge this virus, take a few moments out of your day for something that matters - a dead bird. See, now you're all  caught up.

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Toby said...

This is world wide. BBC, ABC (Australia), everywhere I try is broadcasting Covid-19. As I type this I'm listening to Radio New Zealand International talking to Samoa; more Covid-19.