Thursday, March 12, 2020

How a Pandemic Plays Out. It's Going to Be a While.

I've been wondering when is this Covid-19 pandemic likely to run its course. Two months, three?

Here's the skinny from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.
A pandemic is not a "one time" event and periods of illnesses may come in 2 or 3 "waves" anywhere from 3 to 12 months apart. The total duration of a pandemic is likely to be 12 to 18 months.
18 months. About the same time some experts claim we'll have to wait for a proven vaccine to come on stream.

Two or three waves of recurrence, from 3 to 12 months apart.

Well, it looks like we're in this for the duration. I suppose we'll have to find new ways of doing a great many things. I wonder what we'll look like coming out the other side.


Toby said...

I have long believed that Canada's greatest threat came from the US. I just never thought that the threat would materialize as a disease.

"The Dismantled State Takes on a Pandemic"

Last night there was a Canadian official (I can't remember who) warning against foreign travel. She added, "that includes the US."

The Disaffected Lib said...

The lack of universal healthcare in the United States comes with a price, Toby. It's said about a quarter of the public has no healthcare plan, no doctor. These are often the same people who have no or insufficient funds to pay for prescriptions and other medical supplies.

This permanent under-class is integral to the
American economy, performing essential but low-paying and insecure work that most would shun. That means they have to circulate through the environs of their "betters." Typhoid Mary, after all, was a cook, kitchen help.

Given that victims can be infectious for up to a week before experiencing symptoms the uninsured/unprotected can pass on the pathogen to plenty of others. Even then they may not be able to self-quarantine if they need that paltry income to feed their kids.

That, my friend, is the formula for a Class-A Shitstorm.