Thursday, March 26, 2020

They've Been Right All Along. America is No.1

They had a lot of catching up to do but, boy, have they made up for lost time.

The United States has now logged more Covid-19 cases than either China or Italy.

The US has topped China in coronavirus cases, with more than 82,000 people now infected in the US according to tracking numbers from John Hopkins University. China's coronavirus case count is sitting at around 81,700, while Italy is around 80,500.

There have been over 1,100 COVID-19 deaths in the US. By comparison, however, there have been around 8,200 fatalities in Italy, 4,100 in Spain, 3,300 in China, 2,200 in Iran and 1,700 in France. 
During a White House coronavirus task force briefing Thursday afternoon, US President Donald Trump said the jump in cases is "a tribute to our testing." 
"We're doing tremendous testing," Trump said. 
Trump argued it's uncertain what the numbers are in China, and that he's speaking with Chinese President Xi Jinping at 9:00 p.m. ET tonight. 
Globally, coronavirus cases sit at 526,000 as of 3:00 p.m. PT on March 26, with deaths reaching 23,700.
Canada's death toll, as of two hours ago, stood at 39.


Lorne said...

Clearly, the U.S. is a plague nation that needs to be quarantined from the rest of the world, Mound,

Trailblazer said...

I don't believe you.
There was no mention of this on the Rush Limbaugh radio show today.
BTW, Rush is missing in action!

Trump however has told the US voter that he is putting the army to work, having won the war in Afghanistan,and to protect Amurica from Canada.
Visions of Canadian Bacon?
It's only a matter of time now before Rush or his stablemates stoke up an Amurican fear of plague ridden commie Canuck sled dog teams storming the boarder!


Anonymous said...

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!


the salamander said...

.. I read about this & commented on the undisputable disaster developing in the USA, about 2 weeks ago. About that time it was obvious to Healthcare experts that it was inevitable for a number of obvious reasons and they wrote about it in dismay. At the same time, Donald Trump was in the midst of his hallucinations and natterings.. and still is. Hoax, fake news, 15 mild cases, like a miracle 'it just won't be there when you wake up soon' - blah woof drool posturing & ass fart talk talk.. went golfing in Virginia etc. Fox TV loutlings, ludicrous GOP senators, freaks like Hannity Gingrich, Alex Jones.. The stunning global events unfolding.. and a breathtaking timeline & chronology.. and the lunatics still think they can ride their fatheaded fantastical idiocy alongside Trump to a 'win' .. ie Great Again

Is anyone else catching the similar Canadian context that I see ? That is if one can bear to call our suck egg Conservative Party - Canadians.. I often call them the Contrary Party of Canada. But wait !! They're essentially just emulating Trump and the GOP's contraryism ! The entire 'Conservative' bowel movement in North America is just idealogical, quasi evangelical, diarrheal contraryism.. the fine art of being seen as coherent by being obnoxious.. and useless .. damn but its 'exciting' loud and proud to be contrary

Anonymous said...

Yes l watched the P. Say de was sending Troops to the Canadian Border because Canada was dumping steel and other t h I n g s in the US. The indication was covis was crossing the border. Anyong