Monday, March 23, 2020

Brookings Institute - A Mortality Perspective on Covid-19

I'm posting this because, a), it's the Brookings Institution and it is highly credible, and, b), it offers an up to date discussion about the issue of coronavirus mortality. I think it's an important paper that should  help everyone keep this pandemic in perspective.

Here's the link.

It's not overly-technical, laden with medical jargon. Anyway, take a read and see if you don't agree.


Trailblazer said...

Were I religious I would consider this as the end of times!
That said even my JW friend is observing the science of social distancing and to his neighbours relief is no longer practicing 'door knocking"

Considering science I often revert to my passion of photography which teachers me this.

This is how virusess spread regardless of Trump, Bolasarno or Johnson.

Consider this when speaking of food hoarding!!

Relies upon migrants!!
Who's food supply does not?

Needless to say I will be purchasing some frozen veggies in the near future!


The Disaffected Lib said...

TB, a year ago I thought it would be wise to put a vertical or "stand up" freezer in the garage. It did seem a bit extravagant given that I have the standard refrigerator freezer. But I discovered the beauty of bulk buying or taking advantage of specials to stock the big freezer. I've got everything in individual portions in there - beef, pork, lamb, poultry, fish. I expect I'll be drawing down on those supplies in the weeks ahead but at least I know what's there. That, coupled with ample stocks of dried and tinned food means it's one thing I needn't worry much about.

Anonymous said...

What the article boils down to is the point that all the "hopeful" naysayers miss: That the Covid-19 deaths have arrived all at once, relatively speaking. Thus comparing its mock "annualized" mortality rates to flu or traffic deaths which are historically tabulated on an annual basis is an exercise in futility, which leads to wrong conclusions. It is the sign of people unable to even comprehend basic math or logic - and there's a prime example of such a buffoon raving away daily right here on ProgBlog. For such folk, and Trump is obviously of the the same type, incomprehension and bewilderment overwhelm rationality. What I then object to is the preaching that ensues.

I appreciate the link and the other good posts you've been putting out lately.


Trailblazer said...

@ Mound.

. But I discovered the beauty of bulk buying or taking advantage of specials to stock the big freezer.

Anyone that is a product of post WWII Europe will remember rationing and hoarding of foods in short supply.
These same peoples are the ones pissing themselves with laughter at those that have accumulated a lifetime supply of bumf, bottled water( the taps will still work, honest) Lucky lager and Viagra.
As a product of that age myself and realising the possibility of an earth vibrating change of life, here on the ring of fire, we are reasonably equipped to handle minor disasters.
I fear that the same ones that purchase toilet paper in bulk and other such items are the same ones that are putting up fences and purchasing fire arms!

FWIW, some websites are suggesting that COVID19 was in northern Italy as early as November 1919.
WE live in a world eager to place blame! for this catastrophe as if blame will rid us of it.
At the end of the day I believe we will have a societal reset.
There is no way life can be the same again.
On a lighter note; no one will be buying toilet paper for the next three years so do not buy into bumf futures they will be a shitty investment!