Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dziekanski Died Because Mounties Wouldn't Use Mace

Another day another story about how four mounties were messing their drawers when they encountered Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver airport.

Four fit cops, wearing ballistic vests and the standard kit every officer carries, were scared witless by an unarmed, middle aged, clearly distressed little man.

Constable Gerry Rundel told the inquiry today that he believed Dziekanski had "every intention" of harming the four officers. This must be a very dark and frightening world for poor constable Rundel.

Here's one thing to remember. In addition to their all-too-often lethal Tasers those cops carried utterly non-lethal pepper spray. If those sissies really believed Dziekanski needed to be subdued and couldn't find among their eight arms two strong enough to do the job, they could have maced the guy.

So why did they choose the Taser over the mace? Because an airline rep told them that a load of passengers was due to pass through that arrival lounge in a little while.

That's why the cops rushed the guy, why they gave him five jolts from their Taser. They were in a hurry to take out the trash.


Oemissions said...

I never heard about the pepper spray. Do they always have that with them?
I have been getting the impression that they were eager to try out that new toy, the taser. They had not employed it before and here was a chance.
I suppose they picked up on his state of anxiety and became more defensive because he couldn't speak in English.
All day yesterday, the policeman went on about his combative posture.
In the old days, well, movies, anyways, didn't they say: hands up!?
Well his hands were up.
5 taserings, handcuffs and then one policemen bringing back in 'the hobbles"? Show some restraint,eh?
I liked the questioning about the training in communication skills.
And training in dealing with someone who doesn't speak english.
These fellas should have apologized profusely and profoundly along time ago.
This inquiry is making the RCMP look very very bad.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, most police equipment belts (all RCMP) have a sleeve for pepper spray. Yes the RCMP had it when they went after Dziekanski. It came out at the time that they didn't use it because they didn't want to bother an incoming plane load of passengers.

That's what makes all this "we were in fear for our lives" crap so outrageous.

We're used to this garbage here on the Wet Coast. We got force fed a load of it when that officer shot teenager Ian Bush in the back of the head in a jail cell in "self-defence." Even the forensic blood spatter evidence contradicted the cop yet no charges. The RCMP investigators waited 7-months to question one of their own (the shooter) and went along with his demand that they submit their questions in writing in advance. Outrageous. Pardon my Greek but it's fucking outrageous.

The Mound of Sound said...

Sorry OEM, I should've checked. You're one of us. But do tell me you remember the miserable case of Ian Bush.

Oemissions said...

No, I missed that. Had to go and read about it. A globeandmail reporter covered it well.
Hard to believe.
Got their man again.
Having been through 2 days of live inquiry on Dziekanski, I am writing to my local and other detachments as well as head offices to give my observation of the behaviour of these peace officers and ask what the heck is going on?
Never a day now that letters have to be sent about so many things.

Why did you say sorry,OEM?
I don't know if I am one of "us".
I'm a raging granny impatient for the world to wakeup and quit the crap.

The Mound of Sound said...

"One of us" as in a Wet Coaster who's not from the lower mainland.