Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Octomom's Million Dollar Gig

Nadya Suleman has been offered a million bucks to star in a porn flick. An Associated Press story appearing in the Sydney Morning Herald, says Vivid Entertainment has also offered to throw in a year's health care insurance to sweeten the deal.

Suleman has just finished taping two shows for Dr. Phil. What a surprise.


Anonymous said...

Surely Mound you will comment on this article no? Substitute in Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach for Opposition Leader Michael Ignatieff and I think it wouldn't seem a bit out of place.....

Michael Ignatieff defends oil sands

OTTAWA – Opposition Leader Michael Ignatieff is positioning himself as a staunch defender of the Alberta oil sands.

He's brushing aside a 20-page spread in National Geographic magazine that outlines environmental concerns around the northern Alberta industry.

The Liberal leader says he doesn't take lessons from foreign publications. (Edit: WTF!!!)

He says the oil sands need to be made more sustainable, but he's proud of the industry and called it a world leader.

That's a switch from previous Liberal policy that suggested Canada should stop subsidizing the oil sands and focus on alternative sources of fuel.

Environment Minister Jim Prentice is ignoring a suggestion that the magazine article is a major public relations challenge for Canada.

He says what's important is that Canada and the United States are working together to shrink the carbon footprint of their coal and oil industries.

Beijing York said...

Hard to tell which is more obscene? Both are going after self-serving ambition. Suleman will screw her kids over just to get big bucks and some fame. Ignatieff will screw Canadians over just to live out his power fantasies and bolster his declining star power.