Wednesday, May 06, 2009

American Troops Proselytize In Afghanistan?

Onward Christian Soldiers has a new meaning in Iraq and Afghanistan where American troops are working to bring Christianity to the Muslim hordes.

This stuff, in the hands of al-Qaeda or the Taliban or any other Islamist group is powerful evidence that the Crusader has returned. When the guy on the corner with the machine gun sends a subtle message that you should drop Mohammed and jump for Jesus instead, he's introducing a troubling and potentially disastrous element into our efforts over there.

To understand the truly dark side of how Christian fundamentalism is coming to hold the levers of power in parts of the US military, read the latest Harper's magazine.

It sure doesn't help anyone over there, including Canadian troops, that this video and other like it are now being broadcast throughout the Muslim world. If Washington is going to allow this nonsense to go on, by all means hand their wars straight back to them.


James in TO said...

Sometimes I have to double-check my calendar to see if it's really 2009 and not 209.

Nice site, by the way.

The Mound of Sound said...

I don't know about 209, but I think there were some folks in the 11th century who could identify with what's going on in the American military. The biggest difference is they rode horses and wore the cross prominently displayed on their tunics and shields.