Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Milking It To The End

We the people are picking up Mulroney's 2-million dollar tab for his performance at the Oliphant inquiry.

You would think for that kind of money he would have answered some questions or at least given some plausible explanations where so many remain missing.

The funding appears to be a perk afforded Privy Councillors, a status that BMPM will cherish to his last breath. I'd love to get a gander at Guy Pratte's accounts for representing that old BM.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if he would just give us back the original two million he took us for back when his only dealings with Schreiber were a get togethers for coffee (and envelopes stuffed with thousand dollar bills).

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penlan said...

When I heard the taxpayers were footing the bill for his defense I was flabbergasted. It shouldn't be allowed. He has the moolah to pay for it & his lawyers most likely have padded their expense accounts knowing that Mulroney wasn't paying. What a farce. And I'm sure nothing concrete will come out of this entire Inquiry. We'll just be left with more questions.