Friday, May 01, 2009

Long, Hot Summer? - You Betcha

La Nina has finally outstayed her welcome, signalling a return to warmer, dryer conditions. The region of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Peru is coming to be understood as impacting seasonal weather conditions worldwide.

The British met office is forecasting a hot, dry summer for Britain with temperatures routinely spiking into the 30s. The same trend is expected to extend across northern Europe.

Today, Environment Canada issued its outlook for June through August, 2009, depicted in the first map below. Red areas, virtually all of Canada, will be hotter than normal. Only the small pockets of blue are expected to get below normal temperatures.


Anonymous said...

This is both frightening and a very loud wake-up-call. If we take care of global dimming by reducing airborne particles of soot, ash, sulphur compounds and other pollutants, we will have a far more dangerous situation with the green house effect. Europe has been working on the airborne particles and we see the temperature rise there. This is an excellent read and one that makes more sense than anything else I have read. I will be back in Canada in a few more days and will be able to observe what is happening. A. Morris

Anonymous said...

I forgot to write...if you decide to go to this site, click on programme transcript. Cheers, A. Morris