Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memo to Self - No More Dirty Diapers in Grocery Bags!

The Canadian Plastics Industry Association is fighting back against reusable, cloth bags that are finally taking the place of plastic bags.

The CPIA conducted tests on 24 reusable bags and found in some of them mold, yeast, bacteria and even intestinal fecal bacteria. Association spokesperson Cathy Cirko said the fecal bacteria came from a bag someone had used to tote around dirty diapers. Well, duh!

So, lesson learned. Next time you catch the cashier trying to slip a dirty diaper in with your broccoli, tell her/him "No Thank You."

In fairness, however, I have had more than one cashier tell me horror stories of people who bring really gross reusables to the til. Hey, people. They can get dirty. They are washable.


Oemissions said...

I am researching and trying to find out what those cheap flimsy fabric tote bags are made out of. Thriftys, Country Grocer, Pharmasave and all sorts of places are selling them for 50 cents or so and even giving them out sometimes.
Mine lasted about a month, before they were full of holes and/or seams came apart.
So where will they go? To the landfill, ofcourse. This IS NOT an appropriate replacement for plastic bags. Imagine the space they will takeup in landfills. For 50 cents and 25 cents I got some good old canvas bags at a church thrift store.They already lasted years for someone and will for me. When they are done with, I will compost them.

The Mound of Sound said...

I'd be interested in learning what you discover. We have one chain here on the island, Quality Foods, that has reusables as well as paper and biodegradable plastic.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just love my bags. Have had them for about a year now, and nothing ruined. But they're really useful, especially if you live a block or two away from the market, and don't want to drive. Much better than those cheap, flimsy plastic bags.

The bags are also recyclable, but with the crappy recycling program here in BC, that amounts to, what?

Andrew P. said...

we have a bunch of the one's from Loblaws for over a year and I load them up pretty damn good and no holes or breakage, even after some washes

The Mound of Sound said...

I use them too. I even carry one or two in the pannier bags on my motorcycle. Haven't had to launder one yet so I'm glad to hear they come through fine.

Gene Rayburn said...

I've had reusable bags for about five years now. It's great and I no longer have a mountain of plastic bags growing under my kitchen sink. We also got a drag behind you carrier which is great if you don't have a car or take public transit. It's a lot easier to get your groceries home if you've got loads. They do need a cleaning or I could imagine they get quite funky.

A short digression from bags but if you have cats, try out the pine litter. It doesn't give off the "cat smell" and in the long run saves a bit of dosh. :)

The Mound of Sound said...

Well Gene! And I thought you had died on November 29, 1999, barely a month shy of your 82nd birthday.