Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spector Rats Out Mulroney

Memo to Brian: Don't mock people who know where you've buried the bodies.

In his opening appearance at the Oliphant inquiry, Brian Mulroney laid into a number of those he considers disloyal including Stephen Harper and even Mulroney's former chief of staff, Norman Spector. This guy doesn't have many bridges left that he can afford to douse them all in gasoline.

Now Mulroney has a headache. Spector has gone to Canadian Press to tell them that his former boss isn't being truthful with the inquiry. From the Toronto Star:

Mulroney has acknowledged that he accepted at least $225,000 from Schreiber to promote the later "reincarnation" of Bear Head after he left office in 1993.

But during four days of testimony last week at the inquiry headed by Justice Jeffrey Oliphant, Mulroney asserted that he had ditched the original proposal after Spector informed him in late 1990 that it would cost taxpayers too much.

Mulroney pointed to that decision, in his first day on the stand, to rebut any suggestion he had been unduly influenced by Schreiber in personal meetings held to discuss the project.

"What we've learned about Mulroney is that he's very slippery with words and evasive with his testimony," Spector told The Canadian Press. "He didn't cancel the project in any incarnation. He never cancelled it."


Oh Brian, Brian, Brian. You really must learn to pick your fights.

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