Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Get It While You Can - the Hand of God

You've got about nine hours left (as of this posting) to bid on the Hand of God (HoG) depicted above. This divine bit of hardrock goodness appeared in the backyard rock wall of some dude from Idaho. The winning bidder gets to carve it out and haul it away. It comes complete with all movie and literary rights included.
So far there've been 130 bids and, right now, it can be yours for a tad over $17,000 US. So don't dawdle. This HoG's for you.

1 comment:

LeDaro said...

Yeah, God has nothing else to do but thumping his hand on a rock. May be the way we screwing the planet He is angry.

Ok when He hit His hand so hard why there is no blood. This kind of religion is for screwballs only.

HoG thing worries me about flu too.