Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Man Bites Dog - Mulroney Takes a Bite Out of Harper

Oh this is pleasant - a former, highly successful Tory prime minister giving a boot straight to the crotch of his much less successful Conservative successor.

Calling out L'il Stevie Harper, Mulroney chortled, "You can't form a government without seats in Quebec and if you do you can't govern in this country. And you shouldn't govern." Ouch, feel the burn! Take that, you snot nosed punk.

But Muldoon wasn't finished. This is, after all, the Mulroney-Oliphant inquiry. Lyin' Brian wasted no time labelling Harper a doofus for his pre-recession GST cuts, calling them "bad economic policy."

"There wouldn't be an economist in the finance department or the Bank of Canada that would say that was a smart thing to do. It cuts $12 billion out of your revenue ... it hurts your exports."

No reaction yet from our Furious Leader. There are reports that his staff were seen to flee to the safety of the hallways to the sound of chairs being kicked around the prime minister's office and a team from Sears showed up later to shampoo Mr. Harper's carpets.

Pity, they were such good friends.


Northern PoV said...

The big M's comment on the GST were hilarious and should be used in the next online-video-dictionary as the definition of passive aggressive!

Hope the Valium bottle is full over at 24 Sussex Dr.

penlan said...

Ooooh. Sorry I missed that! Had to go out. Oh well, nice to see Harper get a little comeuppance from his nasty little games.

Anonymous said...

Harper, Mulroney - wish we could just lock both of them into a room and have a "death match" and the winner could stay in that room.... forever...