Sunday, May 03, 2009

Wait a Minute - Weren't We All Supposed To Be Dead by Now?

Swine Flu, the Great Plague, the Black Death. That's all we've been hearing from our media since a new strain of influenza was diagnosed as coming out of Mexico. It sounded oh so grim with Mexicans dropping off in the hundreds. Surely it would lay low the strongest of civilizations in its unstoppable path. The World Health Organization screamed warnings of pandemic. The end was nigh.

Or not.

Seems the NewFlu bug wasn't remotely as virulent as feared. Pretty mild in fact and not terribly contagious after all. Now the WHO says there's no evidence of sustained spread in communities outside North America, meaning no pandemic.

Oh well, we can always dream:

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Doz said...

I haven't had such a fright since the April Fools virus threatened to wipe out the world's computer systems just a few weeks ago. Any word on what June's scare of the month will be?