Saturday, May 22, 2010

Camp Kandahar Under Attack

The Toronto Star reports the Canadian base at Kandahar is under Taliban attack.

Taliban militants fired rockets and mortars at Kandahar airfield in southern Afghanistan on Saturday, wounding NATO troops, officials said.

The attack came days after a brazen assault on one of the coalition’s biggest bases in Bagram, north of the Afghan capital, in which an American contractor was killed and nine U.S. troops wounded.

"Kandahar airfield came under indirect fire at approximately 8 o’clock tonight and shortly afterward a ground attack was under way as well," a spokesman for NATO-led forces in Afghanistan said. A small number of NATO personnel were wounded, the spokesman said.

An intelligence source on the Kandahar base said three rockets had hit the base. One hit a helicopter terminal used by foreign troops, wounding four foreigners, one hit a shopping area and another did not hit any significant target.


Anonymous said...

That can't be - we are winning there....

Okie said...

Ya gotta be some kind of crazy to attack a heavily defended base with AK 47's and a few mortars

double nickel said...

Victory is just around the corner.