Saturday, January 09, 2016

A Rose By Any Other Name...

They're America's homegrown insurgents-in-waiting. They're guys like renegade rancher, Cliven Bundy, whose supporters staged a heavily-armed standoff in defiance of federal officials and law enforcement. In that squabble, Bundy had refused to pay grazing fees for using federal lands.

Today a bunch of like-minded malcontents are holed up in a government building in Oregon over the imprisonment of a couple of their own who were convicted of setting fire to government lands.

These cases have one thing in common. It's always "them" versus the state and there's always talk of martyrdom and bloodshed. Along the way these knuckleheads have added a couple of new words to the American lexicon - "Y'all Qaeda" and "YeeHaw dist."

Sounds about right.


lungta said...

was i mislead where i read
the fires were set during an encroaching out of control forest-fire creating a successful back-burn saving the ranchers buildings and stopping the fire?
also after being charged and convicted of destruction of public land
they were recharged later under a terrorist banner getting them an extra 5 years
there is an old saw
"better to be judged by twelve than carried by six"
but it is a bit like stopping an armed robbery
and being charged with impersonating an officer

Anonymous said...

I read the same thing on informationclearinghouse. The story can be read on Paul Craig Roberts website and other places.

To sum it up, the original landowners named Hammond refused for 20 years or more to sell their land to the US Bureau of Land management who are trying to enlarge a national park. They have been prevented from reaching half their land by the BLM, because access is on park territory, as they bought up surrounding landowners. Constant harassment, and prison sentence for setting two back fires years apart, one stopped a fire, the other saved their house. They were arrested and are in jail, having submitted to the law, whatever that passes for these days in the US.

Without asking the Hammonds, this Bundy guy and his pals have occupied the BLM quarters near the Hammonds property, causing the feds to have conniptions.

Everything I have read beyond MSM seems to think the US Fed Gov badly treated the Hammonds, essentially continuously harassing them for decades to sell up their ranch by what might be termed unethical means, and going after them for any little thing.

As usual, I think we have been fed bunk by the US government even on this little file and the MSM follows like a pet dog. Otherwise it would be common knowledge that it is Saudi Arabia funding ISIS and supplying US weapons to them. Now where are those Canadian vehicles going to end up?

Anonymous said...

The right-wing terrorists who are occupying the public building on public land want to use that public land for their own personal profit. They want the right to steal from the public, even though, as ranchers and loggers, they are already heavily subsidized by taxpayer. They are freeloading bums.

Toby said...

"Why I Stand With the Paiute, Whose Land Is Occupied by Militiamen"

Scotian said...

I've been aware of the "Y'all Qaeda" descriptor from some American bloggers for many many months now. Mock, Paper Scissors being one example of that usage as I recall. So this well predates these current examples of the type in Oregon. Hells, I've been using the word to friends and family for over a year now to describe this subset of the American right, that and talibangelists which has been a word I've used since before 9/11/01 for the religious right.

The Mound of Sound said...

Talibangelists - I love it.

Scotian said...

Feel free to use it, all rights reserved of course...:)