Saturday, January 02, 2016

One of These Is So Not Like the Others

One of these is different from the others but just not in a way you might guess - Chicago, Vienna, Istanbul, the North Pole.

Yes, it's the North Pole and what sets it apart from the others this week is that it's the warmest of the lot even though it is also the only one currently shrouded in 24-hour darkness. In the pitch dark temperatures in the high Arctic are expected to reach 5C.

Yes, this is the Arctic. The Arctic in January. In constant darkness at a balmy 41 degrees Fahrenheit. And, yes, like so many other weather records that are tumbling around our feet these days, it's unprecedented. Hmm, I wonder if something's up?

What do you think?


LeDaro said...

Mound, last couple of years we had severe winter. Probably all the melting ice on the North Pole is sending cold air here. We already had a major snow storm.

Weather is also erratic. Last two years plus we have been getting above 0c temperature even reaching double digit above 0..

chris said...

It's raining at the Svalbard airport.

That can't be right. Can it?