Monday, January 18, 2016

If You Don't Like It, You Have to Stand Up to It.

A compelling argument. Opposing something bad sometimes means standing right in its path.


Lorne said...

Well said, and clearly food for thought and action, Mound. We often allow our non-participation in evil to be a balm to our complacency, and the video is a good reminder that is hardly enough.

The Mound of Sound said...

The best part is, Lorne, for we old farts we can speak out more readily without fear of undue consequences. No one is going to ruin our careers.

the salamander said...

.. Well Said.. aye.. !

I took our astounding environments and culture, the sheer scope and mystery of the land and waters for granted. Then suddenly one day I realized we had elected public servants legislating to ruin that.. rip it strip it poison it.. and I awakened from my dream-state.. I'm sure there's folks in Pennsylvania, British Columbia, Peru etc woke up long before me. I looked for exemplars who were wide awake.. because when you put an exemplar beside a fool, things become very clear very quickly.. even to a slow learner like me..

The Mound of Sound said...

During my professional career days I mainly looked the other way. Donating a few bucks to Greenpeace was about it.

That changed with the Northern Gateway. I got involved with an incredible group of like-minded people from all backgrounds. We came together, got out and demonstrated, and made plans that included the prospect of experiencing our first stay in a jail cell.

Of course it never got that far, thanks to the Gitga'at and their northern First Nations allies.

I mention this because I was surprised to discover it was a truly empowering experience, entirely worthwhile. Living in the boonies there aren't many opportunities to stand up but I guess that makes them all the better when they do come around.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't you old farts protesting in public?

The Mound of Sound said...

What, you haven't seen us? On the lawns of the legislature? Outside our town hall? Standing vigil at the main traffic light?

Now I feel gutted. Thanks.