Friday, March 06, 2020

Covid-19's Latest Victim - Jim Bakker

Greaseball ex-con Televangelist, Jim Bakker, just loves to monetize his faith because Jim truly believes in the divinity of money.

It came as no surprise then when Jimbo was quick off the mark to hawk his latest snake oil, "Silver Solution," as a fix for the corona virus. It can be yours for just a $300 "donation." And, just in case you've got HIV or the plague or a nasty case of mangrove swamp crotch rot, no worries. Silver Solution fixes those too.

Well it seems the New York attorney general got wind of Bakker's coronavirus claims and sent the scurvy bastard a "cease and desist" order. Somehow I don't think the deterrent of $5,000 is going to cut much ice with Jimmy.


Anonymous said...

He'll make at least ten times that amount in one evening of flogging his buckets of slop to Evangelical preppers.


Trailblazer said...

The much bigger issue is that the evangelicals are now running the USA, lock stock and barrel.
Jim just shows the world what they stand for and why we should be afraid.


Lorne said...

Divine providence as espoused by Jim will no doubt save the day, Mound. Remember, faith can move mountains.

Lulymay said...

And if you do believe in such utter b.s. and do get sick, those same folks will get themselves on the telephone carrying out their "prayer" circle to save you! And if you do expire from catching any disease, it will of course be your own fault because you just did not pray hard enough, or some such b.s.

Owen Gray said...

Let's all gather at the river -- and hope the Good Lord sends Jimmy up it.

The Disaffected Lib said...

He's such a muppet! Actually, Jimmy doesn't bother me. It's the people who believe him and those charged with protecting the public who look the other way who bother me. Someone has Jimmy's back. You could start with those states whose Attorney General hasn't gone after him for this scam. Wait, that would be every state except New York. (insert deflated groan here)