Wednesday, November 10, 2010

35 - 29. Time to Start Looking for a Star in the East?

Yet again the Harper Tories remain firmly stuck in minority territory and the Ignatieff Liberals remain even more firmly mired well behind by six points.   No matter how poorly he governs Harper remains almost effortlessly well ahead of his only potential rival, Ignatieff.

Some argue it's because Canadians "don't give a shit" about federal politics any longer and that may be true.   But Libs can't duck their problems that easily and not ask themselves why they're not connecting so that voters actually do give a shit.  A disengaged electorate is a Tory win and a Liberal loss.   Holding Harper to a minority isn't the same as keeping him in a box.   He is advancing his ideological agenda, bit by bit, incrementally and the hapless Libs do nothing except sit by and watch.

Right now I'd bet that Jim Prentice is a better bet to become a Harper slayer than Michael Ignatieff.   If Harper returns with yet another minority, he'll be much more vulnerable to a threat from within than to any from the Liberal ranks.   That shouldn't be the case, but it is.   If you're hoping he'll be unseated by a Liberal, you would do well to start looking for a star in the East.

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