Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Now Here's Something You Probably Never Knew About Australia

It seems that the Australian Capital Territory doesn't have any criminal law prohibiting bestiality.   That's all that's saving Australian Rugby League star, Joel Monaghan, from prosecution after a photo became public of him literally "screwing the pooch."

It seems to have happened in the course of a drunken, end of season rugby revel called "Mad Monday."   Monaghan's agent described it as a "prank played on an absent teammate" who happened to own the dog.  Prank?   No, I don't think so.

Maybe those Australians should look to see what else might be missing from their criminal laws.


rww said...

Anti-bestiality laws were never intended to protect animals, rather they were intended to protect humans from immorality. There hopefully are laws against animal abuse in Australia that would apply in this case.

Anonymous said...

Any man who screws any animal is down right sick. Screwing cows is where syphils came from. Why can't men control themselves? Answer. Because they can get away with it.