Thursday, November 25, 2010

Whatever Happened to 2 Weeks Notice? Danny Williams Quits

Newfoundland & Labrador premier Danny Williams is cleaning out his desk.  Williams will retire - on December 3.  Yeah, next week.  He's certainly been a high profile premier more than ready to stand up to Ottawa when that was needed and I'm sure he'll be missed by many people at the far end of this country and quite a few in between.

How come Newfoundland gets all the luck?  They've got a good premier.  He resigns - on his own terms - and promptly vacates the office.   Here on the Left Coast, we've got a jackass of a premier.  He gets run out of office in disgrace (think pitchforks and torches) and yet hangs on to the very job no one wants him in for months.   I guess that says a lot about the difference between a Williams and a Campbell.


Jordan said...

You had a great Premier. He just stuck around to long and screwed up trying to help the province by implementing the HST.

LeDaro said...

Campbell has serious credibility problems which plague him. He should leave when his whole caucus wants him to go.

Danny was a good guy. I liked his Anyone But Conservatives (ABC) slogan during the last federal election. I believe he has some health problems.

Beijing York said...

I certainly respect Williams for standing up to Harper and his ABC campaign.

I certainly hope it's nothing alarming on the health front but one-week notice certainly makes you wonder.

Anonymous said...

RTL I would have to disagree with you on that, Campbell has not been good a premiere, the people have been mislead by the media that are big contributors to the party. Laila Yuile's blog has a list of 100 reasons Campbell has to go, and that's only a few examples.

The Mound of Sound said...

I too was wondering if there was a health crisis but apparently Williams said he wouldn't rule out a run at federal politics so maybe that's not it. I'd like to see him take a run at Harper's job.

@RTL, sorry but I don't agree. Like Anon, I think Campbell's many negatives outweigh the few good things he did. In years to come we may get a much better picture of that.

Okie said...

I didn't know Williams mentioned possible interest in Federal politics. That would be great.

We need a guy like him in Ottawa. I wonder about the fit in either the CPC or the Lib parties though? Friends of the Oligarch's don't seem to care for him much.