Saturday, November 27, 2010

Is the U.S. In League with Terrorists?

Wikileaks is planning a truly massive dump of U.S. government documents this weekend that could show Washington in league with terrorists.   The documents are said to show the U.S. has been supporting Turkey's Kurdish separatists, the PKK.   This is the same PKK that Washington officially lists as a terrorist group.

A report in The Jerusalem Post said the US military documents referred to the PKK as ''warriors for freedom and Turkish citizens'' and said the US had set free arrested PKK members in Iraq.

The documents also say US forces in Iraq have given weapons to the PKK.

But, then again, if America is supporting them they're not terrorists, they're freedom fighters.  Washington's perfidy will likely drive once secular Turkey even more firmly into the Islamist camp which will also probably eliminate what had been Israel's best friend in the Muslim world.


LeDaro said...

That is the irony of the U.S foriegn policy. Did they not also call Taliban-to-be and Osama bin Laden ''warriors for freedom"? Rest is history.

Yes that pushes Turkey further away. I understand there are many surprises in the upcoming wikileaks.

crf said...

There isn't anything massively wrong about supporting groups like the PKK with weapons or money. (It is wrong, of course: but sometimes America sees itself as being forced to choose between two evils. It would have been hard to support the PKK in Saddam's Iraq, and not have repercussions in Turkey.)

What is wrong was the over-reaction of the US public and government aften 9/11, in which every group with guns and a shady cause was advertized as an enemy as great as Hitler. Absent the chickens with their head cut off response to Terrorism, it probably wouldn't have been a "big deal" that the US supported the PKK. It wouldn't have even been a big deal to Turkey, if the US could quietly broker conditions on their help to the PKK.

The Mound of Sound said...

Whatever happened to, "you're either with us or you're with the terrorists?" Aren't we now supposedly living in a two dimensional world?

Anonymous said...

The Americans always choose the wrong side. Do you think there might be some reason to their madness?.....a war brings the US out of its economic woes for example and doesn't give a dam about anything else. South Korea is an example right now. America sent the George Washington to take part in their dual war games in the West Sea of all places. What a great way for the US to increase its visiability and the need to increase its personel in South Korea....the rules have changed without debate.