Sunday, November 28, 2010

America's Government Has Surrendered to Corporatism

If some America's radical right politicians sound eerily fascist that's probably because that's the trend in the United States today.   Even Mussolini knew that fascism is really the marriage of state and corporate power, something that is now well established in the permanent warfare state we know as 21st century U.S.A.

As Frank Rich writes in the weekend New York Times in an op-ed entitled, "Still the Best Congress Money Can Buy,"   American lawmakers now respond only to those who still have all the cash:

"... When it was reported just days before our election that Iran was protecting its political interests in Afghanistan’s presidential palace by giving bags of money to Hamid Karzai’s closest aide, Americans could hardly bring themselves to be outraged. At least with Karzai’s government, unlike our own, we could know for certain whose cash was in the bag."

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