Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Veterans Ombudsman Off to a Predictable Start

There's one thing common to senior NCO's, they know their place.   You don't rise through the military enlisted ranks by being outspoken to your superiors.   You take your orders, salute and do as you're told.  It's sort of like being in Harper's cabinet.

And that appears to be a perfect fit for Canada's new veterans' ombudsman, retired C.W.O. Guy Parent, who rises up through the ranks of his department to fill in for his former boss, Colonel Pat Strogan who stood up to Harper and paid for it with his job.

Chief Parent wasted no time in slagging his former boss and assuring his new bosses that he'll toe the line.

"  I think Mr. Stogran in the last few months has gone away from the traditional ombuds role to become more of an advocate, which will be of very great value to us now for the future,"  Parent said.

"  But we need to go back now to an approach that is actually constructive and based on facts so we can approach the department and make recommendations that will accomplish something in the end." 

In fairness, it's too soon to know if Parent is the bootlicker that he comes across as but, if he isn't, he's going to have to prove it.   And he can slag Strogan as much as he likes but the Colonel had the respect and support of the ordinary soldier and that  Parent can't inherit.

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Anonymous said...

And why shouldn't the Veteran's Ombudsman not be an advocate for Canadian Veterans ?

It is clear to all Canadians just how shortchanged our Veterans have been and it doesn't seem to me that our Governments, past and present, have done much more than suck and blow at the same time. They have brought about very few improvements for these men and women who have given so much. It is shameful and very hypocritical of these political leaders. If I were a young person I would never dream of joining the Canadian military because of how badly and neglectful we have been towards these people we claim to care so much about. That is sure a crock !