Monday, November 22, 2010

In This Sort of World, Sarah Palin Could Be President

Any remotely sentient being could not imagine the American people electing Sarah Palin their president.   Rachel Maddow explains how the US Right has seen to it that they actually could vote Palin into the White House - a culture of mutually-reinforcing lies:


karl knox said...

Hey Mound! I don't buy that in a straight head to head battle with Obama she could win but there was a piece that talked about the possibility of her winning if Bloomberg ran as a 3rd party independent

Things have gotten dangerously stupid enough to not discount any possibility however. Enjoyed the book reviews - thanks!

Barry Rueger said...

"Any remotely sentient being could not imagine the American people electing Sarah Palin their president."

Yeah really, just like they wouldn't elect a washed up B movie star President or an action movie star Governor, or a pro wrestler.

Americans will elect anything that breathes, and on occasion candidates who were recently deceased.

I'd bet money on Palin as a candidate for sure, and as a possible winner.

Oemissions said...

the media could ignore her
she is becoming quite boring
but this won't happen until her new tv show ends and after that who knows what she is plotting
but, i do think people will tire of her
i certainly have

The Mound of Sound said...

I wouldn't write her off and for one reason. There's mega-muscle behind the Tea Party and blockheads like Palin. Rupert Murdoch would back her and so would the Koch brothers and the Coors family. To corporatist America Palin is manna from heaven. She would be presidential putty in their hands. She is an ideologue who has only the flimsiest grasp of her own ideology but one who can be counted on to sweep aside the fetters on corporatism - environmental and regulatory. With her in the White House they would have the promise of tens, hundreds of billions in wealth they wouldn't get even from a moderate Republican. Money talks and it speaks through Fox News.

@Karl - pleased to hear you liked the Bacevich/Johnson reviews. Between them they've written some very powerful and persuasive books. There are a few apparent holes but very few.

@BR, I think you could well be right. And yes, Ashcroft lost his seat to a dead man. A dead Democrat was elected to the House this year too. People underestimate the machine that would be available to elect Palin.

@OEM - yes, she's become boring to you but I did qualify my remarks to exclude the sentient. If we lived in a world of thinking creatures, OEM, there would be no Sarah Palins vying for high office. As I've said before, in a thinking world you might expect to find her type sleeping in the public square or sweeping the public square but never speaking in the public square.