Friday, November 05, 2010

Tories, Liberals stuck in 'trench warfare' says Ipsos Reid poll."

That's the headline and anyone who might find that depressing needs to clear their mind.

We have the Conservative's "A" team - Harper  on the mound - stymied yet we can't clear the bases.  You Libs had better start asking yourselves why.  Don't give yourselves a relieved pat on the back because Harper still hasn't kicked you to the curb.  He hasn't given up yet and you're really not that far from the curb in any case.

Time to start accepting a few well demonstrated facts.   Iggy doesn't connect with the voting public.  He might be linked to the virgin birth but that doesn't matter - the people who vote don't want the guy.  That's it - it's called "democracy" - they're allowed to trash anyone who doesn't connect with them and that's today's Liberal Party of Canada and today's LPC "leader" Ignatieff.

A good many of us progressives, call us "Axworthy Liberals" if you like, have already voted with our feet.  What have you got left?   About enough to keep Harper in perpetual minority government range.  Feel like you're really accomplishing anything that's remotely Liberal?

You guys don't need an Iggy, you need a Trudeau.   Count Ignatieff is nothing remotely like Pierre.  You can keep waiting for the spirit incarnation to visit your seance or you can come to your senses.  I've left the party a good while ago so I really don't much care what you do.


Oemissions said...

no more maybe yes, maybe no
i have given them a good enough try and... time to say... bye bye 2

Anonymous said...

If some of us are giving up on Liberals that means we still have to vote in the next election. What party will it be?

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a Liberal, I think we have another Trudeau, but he either needs some experience as a Cabinet Minister first, or some more life experience, before he runs for the top job.

Give Mike a chance. He's about as warm and fuzzy as Mike Pearson was, and just as smart. Once he's in the job, especially in a minority situation, I think you'll actually be ok with what he does for us.

LeDaro said...

Anon, I am considering voting for Marijuana Party.

Mike like Pearson? Please don't insult Pearson. The man won Nobel Peace Prize.

Iggy defended Iraq war, supports Afghanistan war and massacre of Palestinians. He should be sent back to US to live with W.

Jon Dursi said...

My biggest problem with Ignatief is that after all this time, he still hasn't found anything worth standing up for.

He's abdicated his responsibilities not only as leader of the opposition but as a Canadian citizen to fight for parliamentary supremacy; he's failed to use his position of leader to make sure that everyone in the House (or even Senate) shows up for important votes (or, worse, he _has_ used his leadership to make sure they _don't_); the list continues.

The *most* charitible interpretation I can come up with for his behaviour is that rather than fighting for anything important, he's just biding his time until it's his turn to become PM. The less charitible interpretations become pretty cynical pretty quickly.

I've actually gotten to the point where, even though I am literally a card-carrying liberal and have been for eons, I'm seriously considering working for the Other Guys in the upcoming byelection and the next election so that he can be turfed as leader and we can move on.

Oemissions said...

He has alienated the grassroots.
He thinks he is an Obama.
His town hall meetings and online chats don't work.
He just doesn't have the Canadian connect.
He never participated in the En Famille effort.
Nor did the other MPs.
He is not getting tough on corporate crime.

The Mound of Sound said...

Well Anon, since you asked, I'll be voting according to the issue I see as the most immediate and potentially destructive to my Canada, the environment. That means I'll be voting Green.

The Libs, despite all the research and science that's been pouring in virtually weekly since Harper took power, remain Tar Sanders, Fossil Fuelers as though you can have Athabasca and stand with the world in arresting climate change. That's so hypocritical it's rancid.

That's the path this clown prince has chosen for the Liberals and it is one that betrays our country and future generations of Canadians.

@Anon 5:06, I'm not okay with what he's already done with the LPC. By the way, have you read "The Burden" from The New York Times, 2003? If not, read it and allow M.I. to open your eyes. Just Google Michael Ignatieff + Burden.

Offroad Artist said...

I'm not a Liberal per se but I think Ignatieff, especially for the past year, connects WAY better than Harper ever did before he was elected. The difference is that Harper has a lock on a good 15-20% of the voters who will vote Conservative with almost any leader carrying the flag. The only constituency that is anywhere near as safe for the Liberals as the Con Alberta base may be English Quebec - a few Montreal/Ottawa area ridings. I don't see it as a shortcoming of Iggy that the Liberal identity is not as easy to define as flipping on Fox News.

Anonymous said...

Give Mike a chance.
He was given many chances and he fucked them all.

I'm voting BQ from now on.

Doz said...

Michael Ignatieff is the Tony Blair of Canadian politics, minus the charisma.