Saturday, November 20, 2010

It Takes More than Burning a Uniform

Canadian Forces officers have collected and burned the uniforms and kit of convicted serial killer, Colonel Russel Williams.

Canadian Forces spokesperson Cmdr. Hubert Genest said in an interview that the idea to burn the uniforms had emerged “from the bottom up and been endorsed by the chain of command.”

“We did what we felt was necessary,” said Cmdr. Genest. “It feels right.”

...Military historians called the burning of his kit unprecedented. “I’ve never heard anything like that,” said Jack Granatstein, director general of the Canadian War Museum. “I guess it’s embarrassment as much as erase the shame and stigma” of Mr. Williams’ association with the Forces. “It’s an exorcism. We are exorcising the memory of Russell Williams.”

An exorcism?  Say what?  Is that how our military washes its hands of Russell Williams?  I don't think so.  Maybe the Canadian Forces should man up and show enough respect to the victims to delve into how a guy this bent could rise to the top ranks of the military.  Was there something they should have noticed?  I mean let's face it, the ranks of the most successful in any field tend to have a solid percentage of sociopathic personalities.   Officer candidates go through a bit of psychological testing on their way in along with plenty of physical testing.   During their careers they have to go through regular physical testing.   Maybe should they also get a little bit of ongoing psychological assessment too?

I think we should know that the people we put in charge of our most lethal weapons haven't come unhinged.  

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