Monday, November 29, 2010

Yeah, But at Least They Like the Idea of Bombing Iran

Oh, those wacky Saudis!  Guess what?   According to a leaked U.S. diplomatic communique, the Saudis are the biggest financial backer of al Qaeda.  Still Numero Uno.  I guess they're just not able to kick the habit.

Imagine that, the Sauds and al Qaeda.  That's a strange combination isn't it?  We're talking America's main Arab ally in the war on terror.    Whats that?   Those Arabs on 9/11 who hijacked those airplanes?  Almost all them Saudis?  Really?  But what about that Saddam guy?  Wasn't he the link?  No?  You sure?

So let me get this straight.   In 2002/2003, the United States staged its army in Saudi Arabia to invade Iraq.   Why didn't they just stay there and topple the Saudis?  I don't get it.


double nickel said...

You'd have to check the Bush family Swiss bank accounts to really understand the relationship between the US and SA.

The Mound of Sound said...

You're right. That goes way back but, then again, there was also Prescott bush

LeDaro said...

U.S also funded al Qaeda when they were fighting USSR - Bush Sr. was Vice Prez at the time. It is all in the family.