Friday, April 13, 2012

All He Needs Now is a Loincloth and a Bone Through His Nose

What a curious ruler we have in Steve Harper.  The guy readily embraces religious superstition but recoils from knowledge, preferring at every turn to run with his gut instincts.

The papers are full of it these days.   He's cutting funding for science, just about everywhere.  He's hobbling environmental research, fisheries research, even food safety testing and research.  He's gutting environmental review and fisheries safeguards.   He, of all people, the very Prince of Darkness who invests his own supporters with fear of strangers, especially them Muslims, defunds border security.   In the far north, where global warming is hammering the environment as nowhere else on the planet, Steve is closing the main research station.

This is primitivism.   It must be fueled by Steve's fundamentalist religious superstitions.   Canada, the world, just about everything isn't as it is.  Weights and calculations and facts have no place intruding upon this joker's iron-fisted rule.   What else can explain his obsession with gutting the census?  There are no red, no green, nor amber lights on the mentally congested road Steve travels.

Yes, I'm sure this is primitivism.   It comports tightly with the definition:   Unsophisticated behavior that is unaffected by objective reasoning.  It's an intellectual impairment, perhaps a mental defect,  that repeatedly surfaces in Harper's remarkable and persistent blunders.   In superficial ways he might come across as competent, even intelligent but when you actually explore the man's decision-making, he's incredibly inept.


Purple library guy said...

It's not, or not mostly, primitivism.

The point is that the effects of policies have different impacts on different people. I might even say, different classes.
Stephen Harper rules on behalf of a very small constituency with interests that are opposed to the interests of the vast majority of the population, including most Conservative voters. If they ever figure that out, they will vote against him. Propaganda helps, and money helps buy propaganda, but what really helps is if the information that will tell them what he's doing doesn't exist.

So yeah. Harper knows that scientific research, that Statistics Canada is his enemy. They go around showing that the interests of foreign oil companies, banks, arms merchants and assorted plutocrats go against the interests of real people, and so real people should not vote Conservative.
It's this simple: In a democracy, truth and reality are bad for Conservatism, because the truth and reality are that Conservatism is bad for voters. Thus for Conservatives, anyone who studies reality and makes available the truth must be stopped if they want to win elections.

Anyong said... is also the reasons why governments since Trudeau want to get rid of the CBC and even more so at the moment.

Owen Gray said...

Harper will try to gut every countervailing force in the system.

The question is, can we stop him before he succeeds?

Anonymous said...

Harper started out life as a normal middle class Canadian kid, but he eventually fell in with the wrong crowd:

LeDaro said...

Harper is in the lap of oil companies. His major objective is to be salesman for the Alberta Tar Sands.

Anonymous said...

Heil Harper!